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Fortnite announced the possibility of winning the next Battle Pass for free

Fortnite does not go through its best moment. We would like our portfolios to be twice as bad as the Epic Games game in profits, but the evidence is that, for the first time since the game reached the market and reinvented itself with a Battle Royale, its revenue curve It has fallen. Add to that that some of the most celebrated streamers have dropped on occasion that the game has begun to become boring and, adding to the mix having gone through its longest season to date, Buy Fortnite Boost is your best choice.

Although rumors of a robotic invasion have been flying over Fortnite for weeks, if there's one thing that Epic has shown to date, its teasers about new seasons never have second meanings. The ones he offers right now point to a pirate theme that talks about treasures, X marks on a map and secret caves. While it is true that the starting point has often had little to do with what was then really happening in the game, it is representative of how he would change the map and the appearance of his new skins, at least as far as the Battle Pass is concerned.

Waiting to check what happens with that earthquake event that has been heating up for weeks, largely thanks to the arrival of the prisoner, for now the only thing that has materialized in a visible way is a warming on the floor of Alameda Aullante that, since a couple of days ago, is beginning to change the color of the trees towards more muted tones. After the leak of several objects hidden in the game data, we know that the area could be destroyed by a fire and that, at least indirectly, the earthquake would end up affecting the mythical building of Picados Floors. In general, these changes are intended to modify those less crowded areas within the game, so it is expected that we see significant changes in the field.

With the intention of counteracting the boom of similar free-to-play like the Apex Legends case, Fortnite announced the possibility of winning the next Battle Pass for free if a series of challenges were completed. However, it is not the only change that we will see in that sense and, although we do not know if it will arrive in Season 8 or is a feature still in the oven (although they say that the intention comes first), a few days ago they commented in an AMA that they were working in a respawn system.

Among the most significant innovations confirmed do ensure that they will offer Fortnite Boosting, changes in how the sound works in the game to facilitate the understanding of what happens around us, and the arrival of a new vehicle from a single occupant that will eliminate complete the option to get on the plane Alatormenta. Another controversial object that goes straight to the box of broken toys. Fortnite reactions to the Apex Legends figures have been evident from the first day. From the insertion of advertisements in searches of the Respawn game to the announcement of the free Battle Pass, everything seems to indicate that from Epic Games they do not want to take risks with their goose that lays the golden eggs.

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